Calcium D3 tablets for Pigeons

Calci Bone D3 Pigeons

150 tablets

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For strong bones & skeletal structure in Pigeons

Product Description:

Calcibone D3 promotes strong bone formation, egg shell production, healthy blood clotting and more. Enriched with Phosphorus, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Copper, Zinc & Magnesium for promoting a healthy heart, muscles and nervous system. Phosphorus is important in many body functions including acid-base balance, metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, and in the proteins, carbohydrates and lipids used throughout the body while Vitamin-D3 is essential in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Can be used for Fancy pigeons or show birds and racing pigeons. 

Benefits of Calci Bone D3 for Pigeons:

  • For strong bones & egg shells.
  • Enriched with Phosphorus for healthy egg formation.
  • Supports heart, muscles & nerves.
  • Excellent for Breeding & Molting pigeons 

Directions for Use:
Preventative dosage: Feed 1 tablet 3 times a week.
During mating period: Feed 1 tablet daily

Supplement Facts
One (1) chewable tablet contains:
Calcium 142 mg
Hydrolyzed collagen 10 mg
Phosphorus 22 mg
Vitamin D3 50 IU
Zinc 50 mcg
Copper 20 mcg
Magnesium 5 mcg


*For animal consumption only. Follow label instructions. Do not exceed suggested dosage. Not meant to treat or cure illnesses. Consult with a veterinarian before using this product, especially in case of pre-existing conditions or using in addition to other supplements to avoid over dosage.

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