Small Dogs


4 fl oz

  • $7.99

Dental Care

Product Description:
Help maintain your dog’s dental health with a simple spray, Denti-Pet! Our blend of natural ingredients such as: Peppermint oil, Grapefruit extract and Thyme oil will help control bacteria, fight bad breath, tartar & plaque; keeping your pet’s breath fresh and teeth clean.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Safe for dogs.
  • Mint flavor.
  • Easy to use spray.
  • Keeps mouth clean and breath fresh.

Directions for use:
Spray gently near the gum line 3 times per week as a preventative care.
Spray gently near gum line and on existing tartar 2 times a day for removal of plaque and tartar. Results can be seen in 30 days.


Deionized water
Aloe Vera gel
Peppermint oil
Thyme oil
Rosemary oil
Grapefruit extract
Grapeseed extract
Neem oil extract


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