Iron-Cat B12

Iron-Cat B12

60 chewable tablets

  • $8.65

Stimulates appetite for healthy development

Product Description:
Iron plus Vitamin B12  to help stimulate cats' appetite and development. Especially beneficial in periods of recovery due to illness, after surgery, infections or excessive stress.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Salmon flavor your cat will enjoy.
  • Especially beneficial for pets with anemia caused by Iron and B12 deficiencies.
  • Helps to stimulate appetite.

Directions for use:
Adult cats up to 5 lbs: Feed 1 tablet per day
Adult cats between 5 - 10 lbs: Feed 1-2 tablets per day
Adult cats 10 lbs and more: Feed 2-3 tablets per day


Iron 25 mg
Cobalt 50 mg
Vitamin B-12 250 mg

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